Want to see local news and views and great local talent? Greater Wellington TV is where you will find it.

News, views, opinions, stories from Wellington City to the Kapiti Coast and everywhere in between. People just like you hearing and talking about people just like you.

Local news is disappearing but GWTV intends to change that so that Wellingtonians, past, present and future can find out what’s happening in this magic little part of New Zealand.

GWTV is an online television station designed to showcase all that is good, and great, in the region. It will survive on the input of you, the viewer. What’s happening in your own backyard. Tell us and we’ll tell everyone else.

Take a listen to what some high profile locals tell GWTV just what they love about the greater Wellington region. We bet it’s the reason you love it too.

Welcome to a new era in local TV.

Gordon Irving

Gordon Irving

Managing Editor