Goal/Try of the Season competition


Greater WellingtonTV is looking for the best goals and best tries in club football and rugby this coming season from Wellington city, the Hutt Valley, Porirua and up to the Kapiti Coast.

We know there are some frustrated Premier League and Super Rugby players out there and we know there are goals and tries scored on a Saturday afternoon that get talked about in the club rooms but no one ever sees them apart from the players on the field.

Now’s your chance. If you have a goal or a try from this season that you want others to enjoy then send the video to us at: info@greaterwellingtontv.co.nz.

We hope to find the best goal/try of the season and award a prize to the club where the winning goal comes from.

Don’t worry about the quality. It can be done on a professional camera with a professional cameraman or it can be done on someone’s mobile phone. As long as it’s good enough to view and tells the whole story of the goal/try, then we want it. You’ll need to let us know the scorer, the club, the date and the game. We reckon this could be a lot of fun and help bring some kudos to the scorer and some cash to the club.

Get scoring and get filming!