Keith Quinn – Wellington legend.


Keith Quinn is synonomous with Wellington. He lived in the Hutt Valley for more than 50 years, bringing up his family before moving, with wife Anne, into an apartment in Wellington city. When you’re looking for a tourism spokesperson for Wellington and the region, there is no one better or more supportive than Keith. He has travelled the world covering rugby and Olympic Games but he always looks forward to getting home. If you asked people to name a proud Wellingtonian, then Keith’s name would be near the top of the list. Listen to Keith tell us about the first time he arrived in Wellington from his birthplace in the King Country.

Karen Nimmo – a Wellington attraction


Karen Nimmo came kicking and screaming to the capital. She has tried to leave many times but something keeps pulling her back. Wellington does that to people. A former sports journalist, Karen has raised a family and transformed into one of the ,most sought after psychologists in the capital. She talks sense on day to day matters that concern each and every one of us and and she talks sense when she tells us what it means to live in this special little part of the world.  

Ben Sigmund – footballer who loves Wellington


He came from Canterbury and made Wellington his home. Determined to make a career as a professional footballer, Ben Sigmund rocked up to the capital and convinced then Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert he was worth a contract. He went on to become a Phoenix legend, have two Wellington born children and from the sounds of things he never wants to leave. That’s what Wellington does to you Siggy but the city and its surrounds are proud to call you one of us. Watch why Ben loves the place so much.

Steve Tew – Hutt boy who runs rugby


Steve Tew grew up in the Hutt. He went to school in the Hutt, he played rugby in the Hutt. He’s a local boy who graduated from Victoria University to run one of the most successful sports operations in the world. New Zealand Rugby, showcased by the ever successful All Blacks is revered around the world. So many big companies have departed Wellington over the years but it’s great to see one of New Zealand’s most popular ones still operate from the heart of the city with a local boy at the helm.. 

Roger Moses – leading young Wellingtonians


He came from Auckland more than 20 years ago to lead an all boys secondary school that, in his time has been one of and, at times, the leading secondary school in New Zealand. Roger Moses has a wonderful way with the boys at Wellington College. Gentlemen, he calls them. He has led the school since the mid 90s and and leaves in 2018, knowing that he has helped shape some of the future leaders of New Zealand; He loves Wellington College and he loves the city he now calls home.  

Melissa Moon – Wellington’s world champion


Melissa is a champion. Not just a two time World Mountain Running champion or an athlete with 21 New Zealand athletics titles to her name, she is a champion because she gives so much back to the community she was brought up in. In 2008 Melissa was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World. If there’s a story of compassion, chances are Melissa is involved helping someone less fortunate. Melissa still runs but not as competitively as she once did. But she can be regularly seen out and about, getting stuck in at community events and helping others make a go of life. So we asked Melissa what makes Wellington a special place to live.